Rainforest Grown Vanilla

A Sweet beginning

Grown in the Australian Rainforest

It all started with a vanilla vine that grew up an avocado tree in our father's backyard. This made vanilla an interest in our family and brought about a lot of talk on how we could create a family business that educates customers on the quality of Australian Vanilla and only sell 100% Australian grown premium vanilla products.

Moving the vanilla vines by hand

Making it happen

The Relocation

We had started our own orchard in the Rainforest and were given a unique opportunity to work with a local grower to expand our farm. Over six months, many weekends and a lot of help, our new vanilla planifolia vines were successfully relocated to their new homes in the Atherton Rainforest.

Australian Vanilla Planifolia Farm Construction

A Family Affair

The Farm Construction

Taking advantage of the natural clearings in the rainforest, our vanilla rows integrate amongst the trees to take advantage of that beautiful organic renewable mulch.

Australian Vanilla Orchard Wild Vanilla Rainforest Grown

Getting in the Groove

The Finished Product

After many months, trial and error, de-bagging the vines and an incredible amount of effort from friends, family and our staff, our farm is finally taking root.

Storm Damage to our Australian Vanilla Vines Wild Vanilla

Learning Lessons

Storm Warning

Growing in the rainforest is not without its hazards! Thankfully the fallen tree branches are great for edging the rows.

Hand Pollinating our Australian Rainforest Grown Vanilla Planifolia Flowers for Wild Vanilla

Our First Flowers

Hand Pollination

Patience, resilience and a lot of love makes it all worth it as we get our first flowers. All of our flowers are hand pollinated within a very short window of 5 hours from opening. Vanilla has no natural pollinators in Australia so each vanilla pod is a labour of love.

Our Vanilla Pods not yet cured Wild Vanilla

9 months later

The Vanilla Pods

After 40 weeks on the vine to maximize the production of vanillin, we harvest our pods, wash and sort them and take them offsite to a separate processing facility where they are graded for quality and then cured.

Wild Vanilla Australian Rainforest Grown Vanilla Pods

The fun part

The Cured Product

Through much research, trial and error and modern techniques, Wild Vanilla have developed a proprietary curing process that gives consistency, reduces the moisture content to a level suitable for maximizing shelf life and results in our unique flavour profile of a rich and velvety vanilla with undertones of raisin and chocolate.

Father and Daughter - Part owners of Wild Vanilla

To our customers

A Big Thanks

We are so thankful to our customers for allowing us to do what we love. By supporting us, you are supporting the development of the Vanilla Industry here in Australia as we also partner with other smaller Australian growers to provide coaching, support and market reliability.